Pictures Steens Mountain Oregon and Sheldon Refuge Nevada

I took these pictures on a camping trip late September, 2005, after having been to an outdoor psytrance party near Portland. Interesting change of scenery, to say the least.

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Steens Mountain, meadow I camped close to the start of the Steens Mountain loop, a 66 mile gravel road bringing you almost to the top. It's a short hike to the top, where a weather station is located. This is a meadow, it has lillies but they flowered earlier in the season. This though was the right time for making some really colourful pictures.

Steens Mountain, trees A bit further up, not very far from another campground. Very nice Autumn colours.

Steens Mountain, gorge The biggest canyon or gorge on this mountain range. Perfectly shaped by an ancient glacier 1 million years ago. Notice the right side part of the edge being "cut out" (on another photos there are two cuts visible). This was caused by a neighbouring glacier flowing over and thus eroding part of the edge.

Steens Mountain, gorge Different angle.

Steens Mountain, gorge Here you can see part of the other "cut". Those cuts are visible throughout the area, more than 70 miles away on a clear day. Often it is mistaken for being the top of Steens Mountain. Not surprising, because it is a bit hard to figure out what exactly is the top, for one the West side rolls slowly upwards for about 30 miles. Which makes the mountain range seem less high than it really is. The East side though steeply tumbles down 1 mile in about 1.5 miles.

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