Pictures of Silicon Valley and area, USA, March 2007

I found it'd be interesting to make a photo reportage of Silicon Valley and surounding areas. The Valley is a strange and intriguing place. It is very green, clean and quiet for such an urban area. Try to go for a walk along the offices at lunch and you soon notice how few people you will meet. Sadly you will also notice how the city planners in their utter braindead stupidity barely managed to create half the amount of sidewalks needed, and they often end abruptly leaving you stranded on some road. Anyways, the office parks are green, sunny, lush and rather full of plant and animal life. It's almost like a park. Much better than the rather gloomy and depressing Dutch office parks.

In order to counter the clean sterile look of this area I decided to use a 3400 ASA black and white film. Which made for quite an interesting effect. The photos of other areas I included as a sort of contrast and to show there are a lot of nice natural settings to be found, some very close to the office parks.

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Silicon symbol I made the photos in a rather confined area actually, as there was enough to find once I started looking. This is the logo of web methods, the company apparently had moved back in Fall and an office auction for the remaining stuff had just happened about a week ago. Also the week after this logo was gone and preparations were underway for another company to move in. It caught my eye, it's one of the more interesting company logos and certainly a nice object to photograph.

Silicon word Same building, such a friendly all American reminder. ;-)

Silicon parking Same building, parking lot. It was pretty because moss had been growing on the asfalt. Add to that the fresh green trees and chirping birds an it almost seemed tranquile.

Silicon parking Different angle and spot.

Silicon phone A lonely phone, as far as I could check it was not working. Too bad. ;-)

Santa Cruz Mts gravestone A grave stone in the Santa Cruz Mountains, in a graveyard not far from Highway 1.

Santa Cruz Mts mozaik I loved the mosaic, very pretty and joyful. The variety and sometimes even colourful gravestones say something about the people living around here.

Santa Cruz Mts mozaik The message is clear, no?

Santa Cruz Mts mozaik A nice view from the top of the graveyard.

Santa Cruz Mts mozaik Broken clay, on the "salt dikes" in Alviso.

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