Pictures of Oregon, USA

Taken in 2004 and 2005. I had a lot of time on my hand back then and I decided to spend it in a useful manner, hiking, camping and photography.

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Lake Malheur Quite a memorable camping trip, Lake Malheur May 2005. Great Spring weather and lusch green grass. Lake Malheur is a basin type of lake, no outlets. The Blitzen River flows into this lake.

Christmas Valley Same trip, Christmas Valley May 2005. Lots of rather high sagebrush, nice blue shine. This area is interesting in that some 30 or so miles further suddenly there is evidence of some (stalled) urban development. At some point in the 20th century they tried to sell lots to especially Californians, with some homestead promise and wanting to build some new city. It never took off, luckily. What's left is a bunch of scattered (mobile) homes which really look out of place.

Tahkenitch trail And now for something completely different. Tahkenitch trail, Oregon dunes June 2005. The dunes are never boring, the shapes in the sand change continuously. The beach further on is very remote and quiet. Don't even think of trying to swim there, since the weather is too cold even in mid Summer. And if it is in the 80s 3 miles inland, close to the water it is 50-60, often.

Tahkenitch trail Not far from where the other picture was taken. Probably an hour before sunset. This place has the nicest shadows and colours around sunset.

Cape Arago Cape Arago May 2005. Not far from where I used to live. So I often went there and took many photos. I am happy with this photo especially, because it was taken directly in the sun. It's hard to not mess it up.

Cape Arago Cape Arago August 2004. I very much enjoy the special blue glare I often saw there.

Cape Arago Same time and place. Again the blue...

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