Pictures of California, Utah and Arizona, USA

Taken in the Winter of 2009 and the early days of 2010.

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Death Valley Ubehebe Craters Ubehebe Craters, formed by volcanic activity, splatter cones. There are about 5 around, the biggest one is quite impressive but just not very photogenic.

Death Valley Ubehebe Craters It's always interesting to see how plants survive in such a climate. It's rather exposed too. It looks like it mostly is exposed to a Southern wind, as we're facing West. The white are at the left is a result of water drying up and leaving salt crystals.

Death Valley Ubehebe Craters I made quite a lot of photos in this particular area, but the ones I was most happy with were with this particular plant in it. It has a really nice shape.

Death Valley Ubehebe Craters Similar to the above, but I just can't choose between them... oh well, no big deal.

Page AZ Close to Page Arizona. Not far in behind the horizon is Lake Powell. It was a day after moderate snow and it was rather balmy. The road to the small building had not yet been travelled on. This is Navajo country.

Monument Valley Monument Valley. Quite a difference from the usual image one sees of this area. Notice the white mist coming from the top of the right cliff? Oh it was actually the first time in the USA I wore gloves when hiking. Actually I am lying, nearing the top of Mount Shasta I also wore gloves. ;-)

Monument Valley A little bit misty and snowy. The sun didn't come out much, but of course it still was very photogenic.

Horse Shoe Bend AZ Horse Shoe Bend, Colorado River near Page, actually already part of the grand Canyon. A whole different scenery, although... still the Colorado plateau. It's just this time the dominating geological feature is a canyon carved by a river, as opposed to eroded volcano plugs in Monument Valley.

Colorado River Bridge AZ This is not the original bridge, it was built in the 1990s but looks almost the same. The original one I was standing on. This in fact is the Northern end of the Grand Canyon. It's not that hard to claim you've been at the Grand Canyon. ;-) No need to travel miles of dirt roads or 100s of miles of round trips and paying an inflated price just to catch a glimpse. Northern Arizona is really quite nice and quiet in the Winter time.

Gooseneck State Park Gooseneck State Park, Utah, the San Juan River. It drains into Lake Powell and thus into the Colorado River. Just North of Monument Valley and a great geological feature in its own right.


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