Pictures of Nevada and California, USA

These photos were taken in late Dec. 2008 and early Jan. 2009 during a trip through Nevada, California and a bit of SW Utah.

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Death Valley This was about 15 minutes before sunset. Taken along NV hwy 374 going East into Nevada. The soil was rather red which was a bit in contrast with the colours we mostly saw. This looked like it belonged in Utah.

Death Valley Some "badlands" in the middle of Death Valley. There are a lot of similar geological features around, each one just as pretty. It's really fun to just get out somewhere and hike around. Avoiding the regular points of interest.

Death Valley Most of the soil is rather soft, so with every rain shower the landscape changes somewhat.

Whitney Pockets Whitney Pockets, Nevada, facing East. That's in the South East corner of Nevada. It's rather remote and close to the Virgin mountains. The area doesn't have any "official" designation to protect it. The road you see reaches to Arizona in about 6 miles, if you go further SE you'd hit the Grand Canyon. Check here for more information about the area and why it needs to be protected.

Whitney Pockets Same position, the camera slightly moved to the right.

Whitney Pockets Very interesting rock formation. Almost looks like a cathedral.

Whitney Pockets The rock in the middle looks a bit like the head of an eagle.

Whitney Pockets The rock formation above is in the middle of this photo.

Whitney Pockets I liked how the layers of the hill contrast with the rest of the landscape.

Whitney Pockets The sun was almost gone, pretty much a minute before it would disappear behind a distant mountain.

Hwy59 Utah This was about 7 minutes before sunset. Zion National Park was visible in the distance on my left hand side. We could see the mountain lighting up for a while and it was pure luck we reached a spot on time to take a few photos.

Hwy59 Zion Utah Zion National Park, taken from the same spot as the above photo.

Hwy59 Zion Utah One more. These were both taken at maximum zoom.

Snow Canyon Utah Snow Canyon, Utah. Very scenic, lots of deep red colours. Butch Cassidey and the Sundance kid was filmed here.


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