Pictures of Nevada and Oregon, USA

I took these photos (except the one from Oregon) while on a camping trip through NW Nevada, most are in the area around the North part of the East fork of the Black Rock desert as well as Highway 140 and various unpaved roads leading from that highway into the "middle of nowhere". Or only with a ranch here and there. It was a really nice trip, even though rather short. As I couldn't find my destination (High Rock Canyon) on time, I decided to go meet somone in San Francisco. But my trusty old 77 Toyota pickup's waterpump decided to conveniently die close to Winnemucca. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Nevada Mirror Off of hwy 140 into some ranching area. It was a great day, not too warm, very crisp and clear as a late Spring, early Summer day can be. I specifically focussed on the image in the smallest mirror, for an aded nice effect.

Nevada Windmill Traditional American windmill, closer to the East fork of the Black Rock Desert. Check the writing and bulletholes.

Nevada Windmill Same windmill, postcard style overview. Notice the nice looking sky... I can't help but be amazed about how beautiful that day was. It was worth the hassle of my pickup breaking down.

Nevada Black Rock Right at the North edge of the East fork of the Black Rock Desert. It was flat and to the "left" you could look as far as the eye could reach. It was quite amazing and somewhat intimidating. A friendly rancher in a huge ford diesel pickup stopped to have a chat, informing me about the locals, who is friendly and who's not, the lady who lives 20 miles "up that dirt road", who was also from my then hometown in Oregon, you know... the usual ;-) But really, I almost always meet very friendly and helpful people in this type of country, for obvious reasons.

Nevada Black Rock Same location, different angle...

Nevada hwy140 Further West on hwy 140, one can see both Nevada (leftish), Oregon (straight ahead and rightish) and california (leftish straight). Nice ridge there, lots of car wrecks if you look directly down... ;-) Also before the ridge I saw whole group of genuine cowboys, that is ranch labourors on horses ready to drive cattle. Besides the wild donkeys, that really was quite interesting, and for me at least, rather unusual.

Oregon Natural Bridge Nice quiet secluded trail North of Port Orford, Oregon. Nice looking natural bridge, an unnamed but worthy waterfall runs down the beach from this height, close by. So many such gems you find in that coastal region...


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