Pictures of the Netherlands, Zeeland

These are various pictures I took when I still lived in the Netherlands. I have made quite a lot there during the years, these are some of the highlights. I added my own ideas, rambling and wannabe psychologically induced philosophy.

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Misty clay This picture is me

One of the first pictures I made which I really liked. I took this on a misty weekend day, lets say Sunday, early Spring 1989. With my grandfather's camera. A bit chill but great weather for me. My moods are being reflected in my pictures. Calm, chilled, misty, bitter sweet, I guess. It was like this in 1989 and it still is that way.

Sunset horses Made nearby the village Kattendijke, in Spring 1989, where I grew up until I was 9. Those horses are beige and are typical for the region, Zeeland. They are standing on an inner dike, once the dike keeping out the sea, it has been surpassed by a bigger dike a bit further out. Close by a +/- 2 year old kid did drown in the quicksand which was there during the building of the new dike, that was around 1979.

Sunset harbour This was taken at the same day as the former picture, at the other side of the dike. This is at the head of an old harbour which was filled up by then, but the outlines still exist and had been restored. At least up to 1985 the harbour was still in use, but not as much as before. It was only usable at high tide. I've caught many fish from there, and my father taught me how to fish there. Pretty much a youth memory, and a good one at that. On the other side of the water you can see the trees along the channel called "Wilhelmina Kanaal" which is situated in the "Wilhelmina Polder", which was once Sea also. The channel leads to the "Goese Sas", a sluice to let ships in and out. This "Polder", a very fertile agricultural area with a sea clay soil is quite famous, and it has a testlab for fruit cultivation. One of my best friends lives in the middle of this polder, in a cute house surrounded by farmland. Her view is comparable with the first picture. Such a place would be perfect for me to live. But I can settle for the Oregon outback or a similar nice place, or a view of the Pacific ;-)

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