GoaGil Oregon September 2005

Thanks to everyone and especially the organisers ans hard working people who made it possible. It was the best party so far. A positively life changing experience. I have added my own personal comments and feelings, about the event and the people. Partially from a photography and observing perspective. I hope it will be appreciated. The night pictures kinda failed in my opinion, but are still worth checking out. The party was held at the weekend of September 24, 2005, in Oregon, West of Portland.

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Saturday, setting up the stageSaturday, setting up the stage, the decoration etc. The atmosphere was really peaceful and serene. I remember a bit later I took a nap on the big field closer to the gate, until the last rays of sun hit me. That felt really good :-)

Saturday, setting up the stageThe weather was perfect, a good omen for things to come...

Saturday, setting up the stageBusy setting up the chillout tent which served very well for some very welcome stretching, relaxing as well as socialising. The most photogenic person by far, I just hope I will have some more opportunity to make some really good pictures of her. Lovely clothing.

Saturday, setting up the stageA little overview of some of the camping sites. I arrived Friday night and had set up my tent to the right of where I had taken the picture. This was Saturday early afternoon.

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