Pictures of some lakes along HWY 168 West of Bishop, CA, USA

These were taken on a trip in May 2008 to Bishop, California. There are several lakes not too far from Highway 168 West. It's a very pretty highway which gently rises to a bit below 9000 feet and dead ends in the Sierras East of Kings Canyon. You can imagine why there are no through roads, the terrain is just too rugged. South Lake is on a paved spin off of the highway towards the South West for about 10-15 miles. Both lakes are dammed, which actually adds to the charm. South Lake, the highest one, does not seem to actively supply power, but Sabrina Lake does for a few residences downstream.

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South Lake South Lake, notice the birds?

South Lake South Lake

Lake Sabrina Lake Sabrina

Lake Sabrina Lake Sabrina. The dam gives power to a bunch of houses not too far downstream.

Lake Sabrina Lake Sabrina


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