shim (showimage)

shim Is a utility to show images of various formats, it needs the SDL and SDL_image libraries (Simple Direct media Layer). Depending on your SDL_image library it will support the following formats: png, lbm, jpg, tif, gif, pcx, tga, bmp, pnm, xpm, xcf.

The current version is 1.0.1, the main goal is to keep it simple, it has a few options. For example -s=xx will do a slideshow, where xx are the seconds until the next image will be shown. Use -h to see the various options and -v to find out the email address to report bugs, suggestions etc. which of course are very welcome.

Here you can download shim source tarball and binaries for linux ppc, linux X86 and morphos

Older releases

Have I heard this name before?

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